Well-to-Wheels analysis of future automotive fuels and powertrains in the European context – JEC Report V5

Date and time | 21 October 2020 | 15.00 – 16.30 CET

The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, EUCAR and Concawe have recently released the 2020 version (v5) of their joint report on Well-to-Wheels energy use andgreenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for a wide range of potential future fuel and powertrain options, published since December 2003.

The objective of the JEC WTW v5 report is to establish a consensual Well-to-Wheels energy use and GHG emissions assessment of a wide range of automotive fuels and powertrains relevant to Europe in 2025 and beyond. The report evaluates the energy and GHG balances for the different combinations of fuel and powertrains, in road transport.

The webinar introduced the main findings of the report.


· Welcome and introduction to the JEC WTW study goals and methodology, Nicolae Scarlat, EC DG JRC
· Wheel-to-Tank: environmental impact of traditional and alternative fuels production, Marta Yugo, Concawe
· Tank-to-Wheel: current and future environmental performance of road vehicles, Luis De Prada, EUCAR
· Well-to-Wheel integration: assessing the impact of the road transport sector, Matteo Prussi, EC DG JRC
· Question and answers and discussion



Click here to download the presentations in pdf format (one file only)